Women in film

I found Barbara Creed’s, “Baby Bitches from Hell: Monstrous Little Women in Film” to be somewhat interesting. I hate that I cannot find a specific word to fit what I feel but interesting comes really close. Creed made me realize how women are portrayed in many of the most iconic films of all time. Needless to say, it isn’t necessarily a good representation that they have. Although I like the emphasis on women, I feel that film has evolved into a mans industry where women are used as props rather than actual humans. Furthermore, Creed ties innocence to women which further emphasizes their femininity and frailness, the fact that they are “malleable” says a lot about film and its perspective.

“Still not fully developed or formed, the girl child is malleable, capable  of representing destructive archaic impulses as well as innocence and the potential for good.” (Creed 128) The fact that women are viewed this way isn’t necessarily new. However, it makes me realize that it is the reason why society acts and functions the way it does. From an early age we are exposed to these films and become susceptible to their way of thinking which inherently becomes our own. Creed brings up very interesting and thought provoking points which tend to be overlooked as “normal.” “If the monstrous child of horror, tends to be more often female, it is because the culture constructs her image as more susceptible to corruption.” (Creed 131) Women are seen as the weak sex, they are more “susceptible to corruption” and portrayed as such in films which I find very discouraging and annoying. As a proud woman I have come to be annoyed by misrepresentations in films which later become inputed in society. Many people believe that a film is a representation of life and the messages brought upon these films translate to life, making the female weak and “malleable” in both settings.


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