Humane meat argument

I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading Sunaura Taylor’s, “Beasts of Burden” because it made me conceptualize disabilities in relation to animals. Through her writing and art she conveys a powerful message about the rights of animals and how similar they are to us as humans, sometimes having the same disability. However, I would like to focus on the argument of whether or not she is for humane meat or the destruction of breeding. I feel very confused on what she has meant to say. To me, I thought she said that killing animals is inevitable but that they should be killed humanly, not slaughtered. But, yesterday in class I was talking to a classmate and she disagreed stating that her point was, we need to stop breeding animals and let them die off. So now, I find myself confused as to what her ultimate message or argument was on humane meat.

“True, there are billions of farm animals on the earth every year, but their individual lives are filled with suffering and frustration from the day of their birth till the day of their slaughter.” (Taylor 208) I feel like she is advocating for their rights to be happy and live “normal” lives. I don’t know if she is saying that we should let them live their lives, without killing them, and let them die off. Or is she advocating for a humane way of letting them live until we kill them, and when they are killed, it is a painless process to them animals. She talks extensively about how many animals are killed off or thrown away because they are excess and not needed. She also shows this in her painting, Culled Male Chicks in a Dumpster, where these male animals are discarded because they cannot be used. I understand that Taylor wants the suffering aspect to end but what is her ultimate argument?

I really have enjoyed reading her piece because of how she relates it to herself and how she has made animal rights part of her life and her self. I find her work very intriguing because she brings forth something I have never thought about of considered. Seeing her made the piece come to life and her achievements all the more great. 


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