The Pest View

“The pest view of kangaroos facilitated the growth of the kangaroo industry, but did so based on the erroneous underpinnings of the pest assumption and failed to acknowledge other equally valid views of kangaroos- as contributors to ecosystem functioning, as sentient animals with rights, and as animals highly significant to Indigenous people.” (Boom 38-39)

This quote is a good representation and summary of, what I thought, one of the highlights was about the article. It says why kangaroos should not be seen as pests and describes the reasons why that perspective is skewed. I enjoyed the article but felt that at times it lacked clarity on what its view was. This sentence allowed me to understand how they viewed the kangaroos and the overall argument they tried to make.

The viewing of kangaroos as pests was never really a question for me because I see them as beautiful animals that should not be hunted or killed and this article brought much light to this hidden industry. I had no idea how bad this species suffered when it came to hunting and killings. The fact that these people view kangaroos as pests made me reconsider what I think a pest is and how that differs from one perspective to the next. Many times I think of pests as small insects or bugs that are pests but then I think about how I am okay with their death and not the death of a kangaroo. This makes me question my own point of views and how I categorize pests. I thought the authors did a great job of listing the valid views of kangaroos but I felt like there were many animals that could fill in the blank. Many animals have the same attributes and could be argued for, but why is it that we prioritize some over others? Those that we do prioritize, what do they have that others don’t? I find myself so compelled to think about my personal views and how what I view a pest to be may be completely different than someone in Australia.


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